I’m not affiliated with TU Delft, can I still train with Yoroshi?

Yes, anyone can become a member. 

Do I need an X subscription to join Yoroshi?

You can become a Yoroshi member without an X subscription, but you won’t be able to sign up for the beginners classes.

Can I try out a couple of classes before becoming a member?

If you have an X subscription, you can always sign up for a beginners class. If not, fill out the interest form to receive information about free try outs.

How do I sign up for the classes?

If you have an X subscription, you can sign up for the beginners classes here. For the advanced classes no sign up is required.

How good do I have to be to join an advanced class?

If you have prior experience in the martial art, you can join the advanced classes.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a gi (“judo uniform”). If you want to try out a class, you can borrow one from us. Afterwards, you will need to buy your own.

Does Yoroshi participate in competitions?

No, Yoroshi does not participate in competitions, although we sometimes hold friendly internal competitions with our members. There are also student championships for any student at a dutch university.

Is Yoroshi part of a federation?

No, which means you cannot do a black belt examination at Yoroshi. If you want to get a black belt, you can discuss the possibilities with the sensei.

Is participation mandatory?

Yoroshi has no mandatory events, but we strongly recommend training regularly.